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1855 E Primrose
Springfield, MO  


 Total Reviews: 7
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The food was Very Good
The service was Very Good
The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
The experience was Very Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Closed but new place better

Posted by Anonymous on May-23-2007
The former chef of Bombay and prior at Chardoney now ownes the new restaurant- Twilight Grille which is exceptional. Try the stuffed Calimari- sauted. Ausome

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-23-2006
I have been to multiple "sit-down" restaurants in Springfield, & Applebee's is definately my favorite. The people are so friendly & nice. Everytime I go in there, everybody almost always has a smile on their face. I love being able to go out to eat & having somebody ask me how my day was & sometimes, they even sit down & talk with me & my family/friends. I would give Applebee's a "2 thumbs up"!

Posted by J.E. Chicago, IL on Jul-24-2005
I have been to Applebee's in various cities. But the one on Primrose certainly needs to improve. The food was fine, but the service seems to be young kids who act as though it is a bother if you ask them for anything,(Silverware, refill on Ice Tea, Napkins) things I always thought were supposed to be already a given thing. I did notice that the attitude changed to decent when the check was brought to the table, (Tip Time) Wake up Applebee's and start encouraging your waiters and helpers to be courteous, or you will lose patrons very quickly!!!

Always a safe bet

Posted by Martha Bruinger on Jul-17-2003
It's always comforting to me to go to a new city and still be able to trust a restaurant I know, and order a delicious cheesburger with fries. I don't like taking a chance on food and restaurants, so I play it safe with Applebee's. Their staff is so friendly and full of personality! I love how they crouch down to talk to me on eye level, like we're friends. Try their cheesburger, it's the best out there!

Great restaurant

Posted by Anonymous on Apr-25-2003
Every week I enjoy going out at least once to a nice restaurant. Lately I've been finding myself going to Applebee's on primrose due to the exceptional service I receive when I'm there! The workers make you feel right at home, and they remember you. Great time!

Posted by Katie on Dec-26-2002
The food is great! The atmosphere is wonderful! You don't have to deal with smokers! Sometimes the service could use work, but all in all it is a great place.

Posted by on Jun-11-2002
Not bad, not the best, but not bad.

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