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Man backs SUV into patrol car, flees, injures officer, steals 2nd car A man fled from a Springfield police officer who made a traffic stop, after backing his SUV into the officer's patrol car and injuring the officer.  The officer chased the SUV for a few blocks before stopping and calling for medical help.  Later, police say, the driver abandoned the SUV, forced his way into another car by pulling the driver out of it, and sped ...

Winter mess arrives overnight Rain, ice, sleet and snow all likely ...

Call-an-expert panel on Tuesday will offer help if you've been scammed If you feel you've been cheated or scammed but aren't sure what to do, you can call an expert on Tuesday evening.  They're from a Consumer Protection Task Force, and they'll take calls at KY3. It's National Consumer Protection Week.  All week, you can watch special Contact KY3 reports on identity theft, fraud alerts and money advice. Phone lines will be open from 5 to 7 p.m. ...

Theft of 7,000 pills from pharmacy leads to charges in Osceola A man from Osceola is charged with breaking into and stealing 7,000 pills from a pharmacy on Sunday.  Officers say they found the stolen narcotics at a home north of Roscoe after they arrested James Schmutz, 38, who lives south of Osceola. Schmutz is is charged with second-degree burglary, theft, and two counts of distributing controlled substances.  Investigators think he broke into the Citizens Memorial Hospital ...

Winter weather impacts construction on Battlefield Road at U.S. 65 A late winter snowfall delayed construction work at a major intersection in southeast Springfield.  The bridge at Battlefield Road over U.S. 65 was supposed to be demolished in mid-February.  The contractors latest attempt to complete the project was put on hold due to heavy amounts of snow last Sunday. The Missouri Department of Transportation is working to convert the Battlefield Road at U.S. intersection to a ...

Video: sleet and snow arrive early Wednesday Another winter storm will drop significant sleet and snow on the Ozarks on Wednesday. ...