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Springfield Brewing Company
Welcome to Springfield Brewing Company, one of the few breweries in the world built, operated and owned by a brewery equipment fabrication company. Paul Mueller Company began laying the ground work for Springfield Brewing Company in the fall of 1996 for the purposes of brewery equipment research and development. Anxious to share with the public the wide assortment of fresh, high-quality beers brew in name of innovation, Paul Mueller Company established this restaurant and pub.

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How To Get Good Quality Drinking Water? Water is vital for human survival. It serves the following functions to the human body namely making up water lost via breathing, perspiration, digestion and urination, regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients to body cells, removing waste from the body and protecting organs, tissues and joints. We need to re-hydrate by drinking water and other beverages.

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The Frothy Monkey Restaurant/Coffee House, Franklin TN-Review My family and I had lunch on New Year's Eve at the Frothy Monkey, Franklin, TN location, thanks to a generous gift card from a friend. Being a lifetime resident of the Williamson County area, I have visited the Frothy Monkey building since childhood when my friends attended the Presbyterian Church that owns the structure. Let me begin by saying that Ryan Pruitt and his crew have done an amazing job of restoration and design.

Qualities to Look For In a Great Restaurant There are many restaurants in any given location and while they are all in the business of selling food, they are very different. The quality of the restaurants differs and there are qualities that distinguish a great restaurant from one that is average. If you are choosing a restaurant for a special occasion, you should do your homework so that you can get the best dining experience.

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3 Different Places to Eat in Alpharetta, GA Are you in Alpharetta, GA and looking for places to dine at? Maybe you're visiting the area sometime soon. Here are three very different restaurants that you can visit right here in Alphartta. Be it for brunch or dinner; try one of these places the next time you're out!

Momofuku, NY Lex and I spent the morning visiting the September 11 Museum, which was incredibly moving and also really intense. We were both glad we went as it gave us a new perspective and attitude towards the smaller things in life. After our visit we chose to be naughty and indulged in Shake Shack near Brooksfield Place.