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Springfield Brewing Company
Welcome to Springfield Brewing Company, one of the few breweries in the world built, operated and owned by a brewery equipment fabrication company. Paul Mueller Company began laying the ground work for Springfield Brewing Company in the fall of 1996 for the purposes of brewery equipment research and development. Anxious to share with the public the wide assortment of fresh, high-quality beers brew in name of innovation, Paul Mueller Company established this restaurant and pub.

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Most Customers Ignore New Food Menu Items Restaurants are always trying innovative recipes to add newer and better food items to their menu. However, a recent research shows that people are less likely to try new things on restaurants' menu. This report attempts to outline some reasons for the finding.

Celebrating Sat Thai With Krayasart The sound of pounding can be heard across the villages of Thailand this time of year, as local communities gather together to commemorate the lives of those who've passed. The 24th September is Sart Thai (or Sart Thai) Festival.

What Kind of Wine to Drink With Dessert It happens all the time. You've got wine on the table for dinner, and suddenly it's time to move on to dessert. But since you've not finished drinking, you just keep the glass going straight into the next course.

Seal the Food and Keep It Fresh Food is something without which humans cannot survive but the best part about it is its diversity. There are hundreds of different cuisines and edible items that are consumed by people every day. Think about the different raw and cooked products bought every single day by billions of people all over the world. The main concern is the packaging. If the packaging of raw products is not air tight, then they can get spoiled making it inedible. It is not just true for the commercial products. Think about the leftovers from last day or the food given to kids for their lunch at school, every item needs to have proper protection to make it a healthy option for the people.

Enjoy Special Winter Meals With Tasty Indian Sweets Do you want to know about sweets that are eaten during winter season? You will have multiple options such as rabri, gulabjaman, malpua and gaund ke laddo. You must pick up one that suits your taste and preference.

Spices Cleaning, Grading and Sorting Solutions With India being the #1 ranked country to produce the highest quantity of Spice, the Spice Board of India has to ensure that the exported spices meet the expected standards of people all around the World. As mentioned on Wikipedia, "India contributes 70% of global spice production." Spices are used in various forms such as whole, ground, chopped, roasted, fried, etc.

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Five Tips for Dining at an Arabic Restaurant - How to Make the Most of Your Dining Experience For food lovers who have yet to try the unique flavor of Middle Eastern cuisine, and who want to take in the unique cultural experience of dining at an Arabic restaurant, will find that dining at one of these eateries can be overwhelming at first. However, if you want to make the most of dining at an Arabic restaurant, there are several tips to consider in order to have the best experience possible at one of these establishments.

Review of Saffron Restaurant in Northamptonshire After just one mouthful it is clear why Saffron Indian Restaurant in Northamptonshire is receiving accolades left, right and centre! This extremely popular restaurant offers diners an authentic taste of Bangladeshi and Nepalese cuisine using only the finest and freshest of ingredients. Booking is highly recommended and who knows, you may get to see some of the restaurants celebrity clientele!

Between The Covers Of The Writing Room: A Review While not a library, albeit it's plethora of books lining the walls, The Writing Room reveals within it's covers an array of dining delights. The restaurant, like a well-fashioned novel, has a tripartite configuration: Dining Room, Bar Area, and Library / dining salon in the rear. Each area reveals a sensory of savory pleasures.

Sushi Takeaway - Add It To Your Diet Sushi is not only flavourful; it also offers many health benefits and allows you to maintain a healthy diet even as you indulge. A diet of fish and rice promotes a good balance of nutrients, coupled with tasty sides of fruits and vegetables.

Review of El Bareto Restaurant in Leeds El Bareto Restaurant in Leeds is the place to go for authentic tapas. A wide range of dishes including many traditional favourites such as deep-fried calamari, bravas potatoes and seafood paella mean your taste buds are in for a treat. The atmosphere is fun, lively and perfect for a night out with friends, family or a special someone!

The Best-Tasting Food You'll Find In Cebu's Top Restaurants One of the greatest pleasures in life, besides sex and counting money is the pure enjoyment of deliciously good food. Now this will naturally have different origins, prepared and cooked by chefs in different styles and served on the dining table with different sauces, dips or side dishes. They will all however, pass through a common tasting, biting and chewing channel we all know as the human mouth. It is here, where, like a trial court, a dish is judged guilty or not guilty of seducing and raping one's palate. Through the years, Cebu, having evolved into a bustling tourist gateway to the central and southern parts of the country is now home to hundreds of big and small, luxury and budget-type restaurants catering to gourmets and gourmands, the fussy, picky eater and the eat-anything-on-a-plate kind of eater. If savoring great food is your trip... if it gives you a terrific rush, read on.