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Springfield Brewing Company
Welcome to Springfield Brewing Company, one of the few breweries in the world built, operated and owned by a brewery equipment fabrication company. Paul Mueller Company began laying the ground work for Springfield Brewing Company in the fall of 1996 for the purposes of brewery equipment research and development. Anxious to share with the public the wide assortment of fresh, high-quality beers brew in name of innovation, Paul Mueller Company established this restaurant and pub.

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What To Eat In Finland? The delicious food culture of Finland from both eastern and western sources of influence. Since the Middle Ages, many novelties from Sweden (the west) and Novgorod (the east) have come to Finland bringing new inspiration. Today, Finland takes its ideas and inspiration from foods all over the world and then combines the ideas to introduce an original and unique Finnish cuisine that has been awarded with no less than six Michelin stars over the recent years.

Can You Hand Out Slices Of Pizza For Trick Or Treat? Imagine the mess it would make in those Trick or Treat bags. Unless you had the kids sitting in your dining room or kitchen eating where it is appropriate, you would have all the neighborhood mothers angry with you.

Self Catering Services in Devon - All You Need to Know Are you looking for self catering services in North Devon? It is one of the most picturesque locations in Britain and offer a variety of holiday options for you and your family. They range from pristine beaches to happening pubs to expansive green locales dotted with trees offering breathtaking views of the landscape.

Relish the Varied Tastes of Indian Sweets Indian sweets that are available in a wide variety of types are exotic, unique and exceptionally mouth watering. Enjoy these Indian delicacies by choosing in accordance with your tastes and health preferences.

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The Funny Business of UK Bars The UK bar industry has gone mad. While many flout creativity with establishment names that crop up across the country, these ten bars stick it to tradition.

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The Weston Hall Stafford - A Little Slice Of English Heaven Situated in the beautiful countryside of Staffordshire, Weston Hall is a wonderful Grade II listed building enclosed in 20 miles of spectacular landscape that Petrouis family took over in early 2012. As part of the changes was the construction of The Cellar Restaurant, a brand new tranquil eating area found inside the hall. Compared to the opulence of the building itself, the restaurant is intended to make an inviting and tranquil effect.

Some Of The Best Delicacies Being Served In Mumbai Food, the biggest shared passion amongst Indians, unites this diversified race in a unique way. With an interesting blend of cultures and cuisines, our metros offer a well assorted platter to foodies. However, with the best mix of heritage culture, Mumbai surely wins the top position where mouthwatering food is concerned. The article entails only a few of the must-try dishes being served in this thriving city; just like the people, some are Gujarati, Marathi, Awadhi, or even International.

Great Places to Eat in Greensboro Are you moving to Greensboro? Looking for some great places to eat in the Triad? Here is a few places that I feel are great places to go when moving into town.

The "21" Club - Alfred Hitchcock Was a Regular Patron Throughout His Life Here When one thinks of nightlife prior to World War II, images are conjured of late night haunts serving fare into the wee small hours of the morning and music playing till dawn. Nowhere epitomized being out and about on the town like New York City in the 1930's and '40's. It was a legendary moment in time.

Pizza - New York Style Vs Chicago Style The patriots of these two cities are showing a lot of love for their hometown pizza. What is the difference between the trademark pizzas that are made in these two cities, and should pizza lovers everywhere have a preference?

The 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore Singapore is a fantastic place for Chinese food with an incredible menu of choices. With more than 80 different styles of cooking, unique and delicious Chinese dishes have contributed a major part to the rich of cuisine in Singapore. Here I recommend the 5 best Chinese restaurants for Chinese cuisine's lovers as well as those want to have a good taste of Singapore food.