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Zio's Italian Cuisine
It's All In The Taste!

Zio's serves the best made-from-scratch Italian food at reasonable prices, featuring items with a unique cooking process: brick ovens. Try our delicious Artichoke Spinach dip or create your own Italian pizza from a variety of toppings. All pizzas are made with our special homemade tomato sauce. The oven is a very efficient cooking chamber, and imparts a delightful, subtle smokey flavor to the foods cooked in it.

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[REVIEW] The Fortune Wheel Seafood Restaurant, Levittown "The King and Mee's" I must say I got distracted looking for the restaurant tonight. It was tucked away right past BJ's Warehouse (bonus Jew Appeal points!). I had to call my brother, Yong Joo (who better to ask for directions that the brother we affectionately call "The Wandering Joo"?), and he told me to look past BJ's (it's not easy sometimes always having my Jew on sniffing out bargains!), and the entrance was to be found:

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