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Welcome to Cars Across America, home of the Guaranteed Credit Approval.

Our goal at Cars Across America is to provide high-quality, late model vehicles in a refreshing way. We uphold the strictest quality standards for our inventory, we incorporate a low-pressure approach, and we operate under a full-disclosure mindset. We want you to be comfortable during every step of your car buying experience. We know that you love the idea of getting a new car?.now we want you to enjoy the shopping process too. Thank you for visiting Cars Across America on-line. God bless you!

Having a car that runs well and keeps you ?on the road? isn?t an option?it?s a must! We?ve compiled information form industry experts to help you pick the right car (and the dealer to get it from) and how to keep your car functioning at its best. We?ve broken down our tips into three sections: Car Buying Tips, Preventative Maintenance, and Problem Areas to Watch.

Car Buying Tips

Keys to finding the Right Car AND Dealer?
1. Always ask for proof of inspection. At most car lots the inspection consists of nothing more than a quick glance at a few parts of the car, or worse, no inspection at all. Don?t even consider a car that hasn?t passed a thorough inspection. One good way to see if a car has really been inspected is to ask for a copy of the checklist a dealer uses. At Cars Across America we put all of our cars through a 123 point inspection to ensure that each car is in top condition.

2. Always ask for the CarFax. The CarFax report will give you a good indication of what the car you are looking at has been through. This report will let you know if the car has been through any wrecks or catastrophic events and will give some indication as to how that car will likely perform. At Cars Across America we will gladly pull the CarFax report for any car on our lot.

3. Always ask for Warranty options. If you can?t get a warranty on the car that means that it is too much of a financial risk for a warranty to cover. That may mean that the car is too much of a risk for you as well. At Cars Across America we offer some of the best warranties in the used car industry, road side assistance plans, and discounted maintenance options. For example when you purchase a car from us, you will receive $9.95 oil changes for the life of that car!

4. Take a complete Test Drive. Don?t just drive around the lot or down the street; put the car to the test. See how it brakes, see how the steering handles, and see how it handles on the highway. Test various speeds. If anything is problematic or not to your liking NOW is when you want to find out, not after you buy. We will let you test drive any vehicle and one of our automotive experts will help you with any questions you will have.

5. Be sure the dealership has been in business for more than a year. If not, it may not be there in six months. Then what will you do if you have a problem with your car?

6. Be leery of the dealership that has the ?sale-of-the-year? every other week. Dealerships that are hyper-sales event oriented are most likely to play gimmicks, and give you the typical used car salesman pitch. A recent survey revealed that these dealerships are more likely to bug you, be overly aggressive, and show you the car THEY want you to buy, not necessarily what you want or need.

7. Be sure the dealership has an ?in-house? service facility. If they don?t, guess what: they have no way to properly inspect cars before they sell them. And, they have no way to fix the car you buy from them if it has problems (of course if you have problems after the sale, most dealers will tell you that it?s YOUR problem).

8. Discounted service plans. Ask your dealer what will happen if they have a problem in the next 30 days that isn?t covered under warranty. Get ready for some fancy side-stepping. Most dealers aren?t prepared to do anything. At Cars Across America if something happens in the first 30 days and it?s our fault, we?ll take care of if at no charge to you. Also when you buy a car from us you will receive $9.95 oil changes for the life of that car, plus discounts on other services.

9. Choose a dealer with strict inventory control requirements. There are dozens of ways that a dealer can get vehicles to sell to customers. Many of which don?t ensure that the vehicles they choose will perform well. At Cars Across America we are choosy about trade-ins, we buy from the ?low-risk? lanes at the auction, and each car runs through the shop before you take it home.

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