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Have you ever found it impossible to express yourself in Spanish simply because you didn’t know how to conjugate a Spanish verb? You knew the vocabulary words that you needed to express yourself in Spanish. But you just couldn’t remember how to conjugate the verb that you were using in Spanish. And without correctly conjugating the Spanish verb that you wanted to use — the person who you were talking to had no idea what you were trying to say. And can you blame that person for not understanding you? Imagine being on the phone and unable to conjugate the Spanish verb “llegar” or “to arrive.” If you don’t properly conjugate the verb how does the listener know if you want to say that you have arrived, will arrive, going to arrive — or that you are arriving. Matter of fact, if you cannot properly conjugate verbs in Spanish the listener won’t even understand who is “to arrive” — you, he, she, it, we or they. If you have been learning Spanish for any length of time – or even if you just recently started learning Spanish – then what I am about to tell you will come as no surprise . . . . How to conjugate Spanish verbs is the hardest part of learning Spanish. In English, it is so easy to conjugate verbs.For example, “I eat,” “you eat,” “we eat,” “she eats,” and “they eat.” With just two different forms of the word “eat” – just by using “eat” or “eats” – in English, I am able to express that anyone or everyone eats in the present tense. Don’t you wish it was so easy to express yourself in Spanish? The New Improved Verbarrator has the following features. Customizable Person Filter — You can now customize the "person filter" and target the "persons" you’d like to drill. Maybe you are having trouble with verb conjugations that contain "ella" and "nosotros." Then you’ll be happy to know that you can customize the Verbarrator’s “person filter” and only practice with “ella” and “nosotros.” Or maybe you’d like to customize your list and practice with the persons "yo," "vosotros," and "ellos." Custom Verb List Creation – Are there certain verbs that always give your trouble? Maybe “perder” and “morder.” Well, those verbs won’t be giving you any trouble for much longer. That’s because you can now create your own list of verbs that are giving you trouble so that you can focus on them – until you master them. Score Panel – We have added this new feature so that you can “keep score” and see how much progress you are making and keep track of which verbs you’ve mastered. Past Continuous Tense – This tense is also known as the imperfect progressive tense or past progressive tense. We have added this tense because Verbarrator customers have asked for it. Not sure of what the Past Continuous Tense is? Here are a few examples: Yo estaba corriendo. I was running. Ella estaba comiendo. She was eating. Ellos estaban peleando. They were fighting. We have also enhanced the general performance of the Verbarrator to make the drilling faster and more fun.

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