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Now there's a fast, easy, and fool-proof way to...

"Instantly Claim YOUR Cash Saving Coupons & Discounts.
You Too, Can Grab Great Offers From Local Springfield Businesses -
Here's How To Receive FREE Offers Now!!"

All You Need Is A Cell Phone - Message & Data Rates May Apply

Springfield Net is proud to announce our new coupon program. We are currently recruiting subscribers who will help us build... What we've labeled "CROWD CLOUT!" You know 'crowd clout' - were a mob gets together and demands a great deal from local restaurants, shops & pubs. It goes something like this... We say, "We'll be heading out to the movies tonight and we'll be eating out, who wants our business??" The answer comes back, "Hey, come on over to our place we'll feed you! We say, "What do you have to offer?" They say, "Come on over and will give you a free appetizer" We say, "Your on! We'll stop by before the movie to claim our free appetizer, get one ready!"

To become a member of the SPRINGFIELD NET CROWD simply use your cell phone and Text dineout to 41242 and help us build a CROWD of demanding buyers!

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