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208050 - Bennett Microprocessor Board, D-325 Imager

208041 - Bennett Tech Select Board, CompuMas

208034 - Bennett Interface Board, Single Phase

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Bennett -  E10134 - Bennett Current Driver, FET
Bennett FET Current Driver Assembly,

Bennett -  208050 - Bennett Microprocessor Board, D-325 Imager
PCB Assembly, Microprocessor Board, 208050

Bennett -  Xicor, X2816CP-20, EEprom
Xicor X2816CP-20 EEproms are used in most Bennett x-ray generators manufactured since 1990. These are new 24 pin plastic DIP ICs.

Bennett -  208088 - Bennett Source Charger Board
Bennett PCB Assembly, Source Charger Board, 208088

Bennett -  208101 - Bennett Power Shut-Off Board
Bennett PCB Assembly, Power Shut-Off Board, 208101

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