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Careers - Creativity to Go With the Written Word - Graphic Designing Design careers are exciting! They are fun and creative, as well as need hand-on experience on software, technology, aesthetic sense and much more. In the series of careers this week, let's look at a career in graphic designing.

10 Jobs for Fresh Graduates Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Are you amongst the hundreds who have been forwarding their resume, but are not getting any positive response? If that is the case, we have some excellent news for you.

Top Benefits of Working At A Summer Camp The whole experience of working at a summer camp can be the best of your life. The skills acquired while working at a camp can help you to be successful in any career you may choose. It also adds a lot of weight to your resume.

Understanding Government Jobs In Pakistan There are two types of government jobs in Pakistan: gazetted and non-gazetted jobs. Gazetted jobs are those above 16th grade. The jobs are said to be gazetted as you get notifications about their availability in the government gazette. For you to get these jobs you have to sit the CSS and PMS examinations. The exams cover a wide area including current affairs, Pakistan affairs, Islam, mathematics, science, history and IQ. If you are planning on taking the examination you have to develop a reading culture.

Marketing Could Be Your Suitable Career Option Why is marketing evergreen? -Where to apply? -How to apply?

New Overtime Rules - Stay Within Budget, Know Your Options The rules have changed for hiring interns. Learn the options available to businesses who choose interns over full time employees.

Escape The City Jobs Technology now allows almost anyone to build a lifestyle business with their laptop and an internet connection. The main thing stopping this from being an absolute reality is lack of knowledge and awareness. We are stuck in preconceived and outdated working mentalities.

Can You Be Fired by Text Message? Getting fired by text message is rampant in the workplace today. Is it the best way to terminate an employee? We will look at the ramifications of this modern removal method.

10 Career Options Where You Can Walk In & Apply A common cause of concern for fresh graduates is getting a job. After all, you invest so much for a graduation degree, securing a job is your best bet at planning your finances to repay the debt. However, most organisations often refuse fresh graduates fearing that the lack of experience could affect their business.

Roofing Maintenance Jobs: Why Are They Necessary? You can't just get a roof installed and forget about it. You need to maintain it too. There are many companies these days that offer excellent services in protecting its decks, roofs and channels at height and the latest technology in construction materials and re modelling of their roofs.