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Video Game Tester: Is It A Real Job Or Just Too Good To Be True? You should not let the title 'video game tester' fool you into thinking that this is not a job but the chance to be paid to do what you love the most. While it is true that video game testers have a lot of fun playing the games that they fell in love with at a young age, it is also a very serious job.

Resume Tips for Finding a Job in 2014 In Part 1, of this 2 part series we are going to talk about some resume basics, as well as, some aspects of resume fundamentals that are often over looked. In 2014, having an optimized resume has never been so important. If your resume has not been getting the response you had hoped for, implement these tips and tricks and better your chance to get into that interview.

Work From Home Telemedicine - A New Way to Practice When you hear work from home, do you immediately think scam or maybe call center and telemarketer invasion? Many healthcare practitioners are discovering that they too can take more control over their professional lives by working from home in a real clinician capacity. In addition, technology has improved patient care by enabling the patient and practitioner to maintain continuity of decision-making after leaving the doctor's office. It is anticipated that this relationship of medicine and technology will experience a greater than 50% increase during the next 3 years. Are you prepared to navigate the continuing changes impacting our economic lives? Working from home may be another weapon in your arsenal.

Businesses Get Ready! The Legitimization Of The Part-Time Worker Is Upon Us There's a group of workers that will change how we do business soon. Long held practices will be supplanted by these workers. Some are projecting that this class of worker will be 50% of the total workforce. What is this labor force that will bring the reckoning, and how does your career path match up with this trend?

How Can a Recruitment Agency Help You to Find a Job Abroad? You have decided that you want to work abroad. This is a great way to explore different lifestyles and cultures and to gain valuable work experience. Besides, you can have better chances of earning a higher salary and advancing in your career. The question is how to secure the perfect job and move to the foreign country. Find out what a recruitment agency will be able to do for you and how to select the ideal one.

The Game of the Job Search Has Changed I became unemployed in February of this year, but I wasn't worried about it because I was confident that I would be back to work in no time. Little did I know; the job search game had changed completely.

How To Get an Offshore Job How can I find out which position is right for me? Before you apply for a position, you should know what you want out of your career. Working on a rig means you should consider whether hands-on practical work offshore in a rotational position is right for you.

5 Jobs You Would Be Happy To Do For Free! In a world full of boring and mundane jobs, imagine being one of the lucky so and so's who bagged one of these jobs. Suddenly the thought of Monday morning doesn't seem so bad...

Tough Advice for the Job Seeker Human skills like "teamwork" and "communication" are necessary skills for holding a job and getting promoted, but they are not enough to get a job in the first place. Read about the missing link that will improve your chances of passing through the first screening process..

Popular Employment Pathways for the Patient Care Technician A patient care technician is one of the most diverse allied health professionals within the medical industry. The knowledge and skills that a technician acquires can be applied in several different departments and it is important to understand the career advancement options available before entering the profession. This approach will ensure that an individual selects the most appropriate path for them and is able to make informed decisions about transitioning between departments.