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Wondering Why You're Not Getting That Well Deserved Raise? I find the discussions about work relationships one sided more veering towards an employee's point of view. Maybe it is time to look at things from a business owner's vantage point. The person who started the company has taken all the chances, absorbed the stresses, and more times than not made many sacrifices. Probably just staring out was chief cook and bottle washer in a matter of speaking, doing multiple jobs in order to grow from modest roots. Hiring employees was a further risk, and those who don't take their job seriously became serious liabilities. Maybe that sounds cold but employees can walk away clear and free of obligation, not as easy for business owner.

How To Be An Electrician - Embracing The Risky Job Of An Electrician To be an electrician, you should embrace the whole idea of having a risky job. This is because as an electrician your job will involve fitting and repairing electrical circuits, power, lighting, and wirings in residential or commercial establishments.

What Developments Are Fueling Jobs in Chennai? Chennai is one of the major metro cities in India.The article gives an account of various developments taking place in and around the city. If you are a job seeker, then read on to find out how these developmental activities are going to benefit you.

Chemical Engineering Jobs, a Lucrative Career Choice in India! Chemical engineering is no doubt a lucrative career choice. There are ample job opportunities for the professionals looking for a job in this field.

4 MUST DO Tweaks for Hiring Success in a Competitive Job Market In today's competitive market, if your hiring process is poor, you will lose the best talent that you need to reach your business goals. We have 4 MUST DO tweaks to your process that will help land you the right Talent!

The Evolution of the IT Sector In Bangalore This article is about the growth of IT sector in Bangalore. You'll get all the useful information about IT industry in this city.

Which Way Home? America's perception of the aging workforce has made a devaluing shift from that of commodity to unnecessary. This displacement of talent has created a gap for those individuals still desiring meaningful employment and for those organizations losing refined talent. What changes in our business culture are needed to retain and reinstitute the leadership, experience, and integrity of the aging population?

How Indore Is Riding The Wave of a Start-Up Ecosystem Indore, which is known for its similarities with Mumbai, serves as a pillar of economic growth and job creation in Madhya Pradesh. With the booming start-up culture all across the nation, this city couldn't remain untouched by the wave of booming start-ups.

What Does a Marine Cargo Surveyor Do? The primary job of a marine cargo surveyor is inspecting sea vessels and shipments for ensuring safety and preventing diseases from spreading. They also educate the crew about ways of handling shipments.

All You Need to Know Before You Apply for Data Entry Jobs Bangalore is a town which is always moving forward towards making a remarkable contribution to the economic growth. This is done by performing various activities in sectors, that are well established and create employment for millions of people living in this city. This article talks about the scope of data entry jobs in Bangalore, that are well suited for stay at home mothers or homemakers. So let us take a look at what are the nuances of these jobs and how feasible are they for you considering your responsibilities which you need to keep a check on, being a homemaker.