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Are Pre-Employment Background Checks Really Necessary? Sometime in the past, not that long ago, the hiring of an employee used to be a simple job. All that the employer needed doing was identifying the correct employee for the available post, then quickly conduct a reference check by approaching the earlier employers, and that was all. Times have changed now.

Before You Accept That Job Offer, 5 Things You Should Know Congrats on your job offer! But before you accept that offer and tender your resignation at your current job, there are a few things you should know about your new employer and the position you're stepping into.

Tips On Becoming A Professional Online Stylist When it comes to style and fashion, a lot of people really find it hard to know what fits for them. The world of fashion is always changing and you have to make sure that you are competitive enough to always look fashionable especially if your work requires you to be one. If you want to become a professional online stylist, you have to prepare yourself for certain things.

Requirements to Become a Direct Support Professional If you are interested in serving your community, you can always go in for volunteering. You can donate to charitable causes too. However, a few of us think a step ahead and actually think of a career that's rewarding as well as helps you serve the community in the truest sense. Some of us strive to be Direct Support Professionals, helping people with special needs complete their daily affairs and lead a normal and healthy life just like everyone else.

How Can a Recruitment Agency Help You to Find a Job Abroad? You have decided that you want to work abroad. This is a great way to explore different lifestyles and cultures and to gain valuable work experience. Besides, you can have better chances of earning a higher salary and advancing in your career. The question is how to secure the perfect job and move to the foreign country. Find out what a recruitment agency will be able to do for you and how to select the ideal one.

Skills Needed To Run Your Own Business So you have decided to run your own business, apart from the development of the marketing strategy of the organisation; one of the main things to consider is your own skill set. With many moving parts needed to make a company succeed it is important to make sure that we know what our strengths are and use others as appropriate to build the business performing the tasks that are now within our core competencies.

Resume/CV Tips - Three Things You Must Get Right Before You Even Write the First Word Most people have had a CV (or resume) one at some stage in their lives. Some may have an up-to-date one, whilst others may need to dust theirs down having not needed one for decades. Whatever stage you're at with your CV, and especially if you haven't started it yet, you'll find lots of advice on how to draft the perfect one. In fact, there's so much advice out there, you may find it confusing. So, here's a quick set of pointers to cut through the confusion. Get these points clear in your head and you'll be in a good position when you start drafting.

An Average Day in the Life of a Secretary Many people think that a secretary's role is easy. This article will give an insight into the life of a secretary, and the daily tasks that get thrown her way on any given day.

Are Retail Employers Abusing Their Employees? It is great that we have put all kinds of labor laws in the work place such as no sexual harassment, safety, breaks times, and amount of hours considered regular time. Even with all those in place I still believe most employees today in retail are not being treated well when it comes to duties, hours and remuneration. It seems to me where in the past an employer would hire people to work certain positions, the trend now is more employees wear many hats doing multiple positions for same pay as one person.

Common Cliches That Job Seekers Are Bound to Hear How often have you heard a line like, "We're impressed with your credentials; however, we're still in the process of interviewing candidates and will get back to you in a few weeks." Practically every job seeker has heard non-committal cliches like that from a hiring manager. Frankly, many candidates would actually be helped by a little employer honesty and feedback.