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How Will the Workplace Respond to the Continuing Changes in Climate, Demographics and Technology? Despite lots of international talk and little action the issue of climate change remains. According to the UN millions of jobs worldwide could eventually be casualties of climate change, though efforts to mitigate its effects will also create huge new waves of employment. Global warming and the need to respond to climate change is becoming a major impulse for innovation and efficiency gains. It will require major adjustments for both businesses and workers whose livelihoods may be at risk in the future. A recent poll said that global warming concerns were having a "fairly" or "very" big impact on the operations of more than 70 percent of businesses. From an employment perspective the problem is that the jobs that will be created will not be created at the same time, nor in the same place, as the ones that are lost. We are talking about a major change, as substantial as what resulted in the industrial revolution. As we lift from a world recession there is plenty of spare labour capacity but this is likely to be soaked up over the coming years as we return to a skilled labour shortage.

The Future of Work Is About to Get Laid Off Not long ago, I was having an intellectual conversation with a relative in-law part of my extended immediate family. We talked about how Artificial Intelligence, robots and the future would lead to fewer industries, with even fewer jobs. To this I'd say; "Well, yes and no," in fact, I did say that and went onto further more in-depth explanation.

Tips For a Rewarding Career in Courier Jobs A career working in the delivery industry carrying out courier jobs can be a very rewarding way to make a living. If you enjoy interacting with new people, tackling a diverse range of tasks and love being out on the road, you'll make a pretty good candidate for success. However, passion and enthusiasm are not the only key elements needed to make a go of a career in this field.

Let's Unveil the Thriving Engineering Base and Available Jobs in Pune The article is written to guide engineering professionals who are searching for a job. There are plentiful opportunities exist in the engineering base of Pune. Many leading domestic and international companies have set up their centers in the city. Visit now and find a good engineering job in Pune.

An Average Day in the Life of a Secretary Many people think that a secretary's role is easy. This article will give an insight into the life of a secretary, and the daily tasks that get thrown her way on any given day.

Tread a Path to a Database Administrator Career in Mumbai Highlighting all useful attributes of the field, like requisite education, companies offering database jobs for freshers in Mumbai, you should read this article if you want to become a database administrator in Mumbai. Apart from giving a close snapshot of the database administrator field, you can know all about companies which are offering database jobs for freshers in Mumbai.

Is Pune the Next Job Hub? The article gives an account of available job sectors present in Pune. If you are finding a job in Pune then this article will ease your hunt. Known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the city has successfully established as a promising job destination.

2015 Job Forecast Predicts More Hires From Coast to Coast The United States job forecast for 2015 is predicting its best outlook in nearly 10 years. Hiring managers and human resource professionals from coast to coast are expecting to hire more this year, and many companies will be increasing salaries. Permanent full-time and contract hires are both trending upward.

Steps to Becoming a Firefighter Firefighters play a vital role in public safety and assistance in the United States. Every single 911 call to emergency services results in the fire department being dispatched. This means that as a firefighter you will be dispatched not only to fires, but also to road traffic accidents, general accidents and more.

Internal Medicine - The Role of an Internist The role of an Internist is often misunderstood in the world of internal medicine. Find out more about these medical professionals and what it takes to become one.