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Job Searching Myths Debunked People looking for jobs often have many mistaken ideas about job hunting. Generally, that's due to superfluous knowledge about certain things. Job seekers come to know of half the things from different sources, mainly from word of mouth, and tend to assume the other half in a manner that suits them.

Can You Be Fired by Text Message? Getting fired by text message is rampant in the workplace today. Is it the best way to terminate an employee? We will look at the ramifications of this modern removal method.

Escape The City Jobs Technology now allows almost anyone to build a lifestyle business with their laptop and an internet connection. The main thing stopping this from being an absolute reality is lack of knowledge and awareness. We are stuck in preconceived and outdated working mentalities.

Have You Got What It Takes To Be The Next Bond? It is entirely possible for any woman to become the next Bond when you read what qualities you need to make it as a spy. Here is a light-hearted look at what some women have listed as attributes required to be in the Intelligence services. In all seriousness, women are only 38% of the workforce and the government say they are redressing this by advertising on Mumsnet.

Contribution of Weavers and Artisans to the Indian Cultural Scenario This article revolves around the concept of Made In India. Especially the talent of the Indian artisans and craftsmen is highlighted here.

With the Upcoming of So Many New Industries There Are Plenty of Jobs in Durgapur With the rapid industrialization there are plenty of jobs in Durgapur and this has solved the problems of unemployment. The days are not far when Durgapur would be considered as one of the major industrial hubs of West Bengal.

Successful Career Planning in the Hospitality Industry The economy is expected to continue creating jobs for workers at all levels of education and training. Occupations that require a post secondary award (an associate's degree) are estimated to have faster growth rates than occupations requiring less education or training. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) Tourism revenues are expected to rise by 42 per cent from 2007 to 2017.

How To Get An Oracle DBA Job As A Fresher Every fresher dreams of getting a good Oracle DBA job in a reputed company after completing an Oracle certification course of database administrator. Most companies recruit freshers to offer services to their client across the globe. You may not get real DBA work immediately as a fresher, but gradually you can get hold of core DBA related work.

Exciting Benefits of Online Jobs Are you tired and fed up with travelling every day? Are you allergic to huge traffic jams? Do you think that the system of 9-6 is not fit for you?

Search Your Next Job Online and Offline If you are looking for a job or considering a change of career, you need to find more than one way of finding job in today's technology driven world that is going through an economic downtrend. You certainly need to maximize your chances of getting job by knowing more about the ways that present day jobseekers are employing for finding jobs. Simply put, you can no more depend upon just continuing with the 'situation vacant' ads.