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Specialized Tasks Associated With Being an EKG Technician An EKG technician is a specialized allied health professional who is responsible for performing several tasks associated with delivering high quality cardiac care to patients suffering from heart disease. Although technicians in many areas of practice can be trained to administer the standard electrocardiogram, they are not qualified to perform many of the heart studies that are conducted by a specialist in the cardiovascular department. Those considering this career path are encouraged to review the most common tasks that they will be responsible for prior to seeking employment.

How Will the Workplace Respond to the Continuing Changes in Climate, Demographics and Technology? Despite lots of international talk and little action the issue of climate change remains. According to the UN millions of jobs worldwide could eventually be casualties of climate change, though efforts to mitigate its effects will also create huge new waves of employment. Global warming and the need to respond to climate change is becoming a major impulse for innovation and efficiency gains. It will require major adjustments for both businesses and workers whose livelihoods may be at risk in the future. A recent poll said that global warming concerns were having a "fairly" or "very" big impact on the operations of more than 70 percent of businesses. From an employment perspective the problem is that the jobs that will be created will not be created at the same time, nor in the same place, as the ones that are lost. We are talking about a major change, as substantial as what resulted in the industrial revolution. As we lift from a world recession there is plenty of spare labour capacity but this is likely to be soaked up over the coming years as we return to a skilled labour shortage.

Health Benefits and Your Job Offer From 1999 to 2014 employer sponsored health care costs have risen a staggering 200%! When it is time to negotiate your job offer consider the cost of health care.

How to Calculate the Earning Power of a Medical Receptionist Medical receptionists are important members of the patient care team who are tasked with several administrative responsibilities. While this career path is considered entry-level, there are many factors to consider when developing an accurate projection for the amount of money that a receptionist will earn. Those considering this employment option are encouraged to review their earning potential before submitting applications.

The Compensation Package Battle (And How to Win It) When going into a negotiation it is important to understand that the person who is best prepared has the upper hand. This is especially true when it comes to salary discussions.

Dealing With Losing Your Job and Unemployment Many of us have had to deal with losing our jobs and unemployment. This article provides helpful suggestions on how to cope with the challenge of unemployment. The article sets forth guidelines on how to overcome the shock of dealing with job loss.

Computer Engineering - Decoding, Scope and Aspects With the invasion of computers in our life since the early nineties, every other thing is now being operated by computers. They have made our lives simpler and better in various facets. Be it arts, medical sciences, sports, technology, entertainment, we are governed by computers to a great extent and with this advent, we often hear the word, computer engineering.

A Resume for All Seasons As the cold bony fingers of winter grab hold of our collective collars, we reflexively remind ourselves to fasten buttons and pull up zippers. Our clothing choices must adapt to the fall, and we evaluate our winter readiness. We find urgency in this season as its frozen promise is painfully felt.

Where to Find Jobs in Hyderabad for Freshers? As a fresher, you can explore the job market of Hyderabad, where there is no dearth of good job opportunities. There are various leading companies who have established their offices in the city and therefore, you can find jobs in diversified sectors.

Variables That Could Affect the EKG Technician Compensation Package An EKG technician is a valuable member of the medical community who performs many of the routine tasks associated with the diagnosis and treatment of patients who suffer from heart disease. Although technicians in this specialty are not required to become licensed in most states, there are several important variables that can affect the ability of an individual to compete for a job and earn a competitive salary. Those considering this career path are well-advised to review their own circumstances before seeking employment.