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Want to Work for a Rehabilitation Service? Here's What to Know Working for a vocational rehabilitation service can be a rewarding career choice. Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

5 Common Mistakes That You Should Not Make If You Want to Get an Internship With a Top Bank You are a student and you really want to be in a top paid position in a well-known bank. You know that you will probably have to find an internship first. And you are correct; most people working in the finance industry found their first job through an internship.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Database Administrator Nowadays, every company, be it small, medium or big, have a need to store data and when necessary, retrieve them. And with the competition in the market increasing and with it the increased need of storing the data securely, database management has never been more important. And that is where a database administrator comes into the picture.

Five Ways the Interviewer Provokes You Into Losing Your Cool The job hunter is always at a disadvantage unlike the lucky head-hunted. This hunter is always the receiving end as he or she is often convinced by the soul, the family and world in general that he is not in a position to choose. The interviewer, only human, with that yearning for power over fellow beings, gets to be the giver - of respect, confidence, job, a livelihood. But a generous giver? Not always...

Has Your Manager Been Hire to Their Level of Incompetency? I can see currently there is very little loyalty left between employees and corporations. Just because an employee is intelligent, hardworking, on time, and loyal doesn't help them overly be eligible for promotions. Most corporations today seem to hire management from outside than promoting inside. The long-term staff most times gets a new manager who is clueless how things work there. Which means the staff is indirectly responsible in helping train their new manager, who then tries changing systems that have been working smoothly for years. The problem is most times what the manager wants them to change isn't prudent. The staff must do what their boss asks even if it makes no sense, and because of these types of requests things become chaotic not better. In today's world management experience is not as important as a degree, why is this happening?

Midlife Career Changes Can Happen Think you have little or no worth to a new employer once you reach your 50's? Think again. Mature workers are a large part of today's workforce for several reasons. Find out more in this article.

No College Careers: 3 High-Paying Careers With No College If college isn't for you but you still need to get a good career, hopefully this article can help! I will go over 3 careers you can do with absolutely no college. I even added a fourth bonus career as well! Check out this article to learn more!

Open Your Eyes - Realize Your Dreams, Know You Can Achieve Anything ******Open your eyes, and if you wear glasses, like me, place them in front of your eyes to examine yourself. Look, can you see what I can see? I see great potential and remarkable stamina, talent and a lot of heartache too. It takes a lot of gumption, courage and a great work ethic to keep on working, even when nobody else is watching what you do. The person who has a great work ethic is not your boss or his boss, it's you!

Workforce Shortages and Your Career A look at current and pending labor shortages and how the phenomenon can be seen as an opportunity for workers. Reasons for the shortages are also shared.

So Why Should They Hire You? Congratulations! A client with a big budget and a need for your kind of services has called you back for a second talk. You're excited and a little nervous, too. There's a lot riding on this interview---maybe this is a prestige client?? who will help you attract still more prestige clients? Maybe you have bills to pay and this assignment is your ticket to solvency? Whatever your motive, you're nowhere unless you ace the interview and sign the contract. You're delighted that the conversation is rolling along nicely until out of the blue, your prospect throws a last-ditch, mundane and yet potentially flummoxing question at you: "Why should I hire you for this project?"